The Water Element

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Chakra: Six petaled Svadhisthana (sweetness) chakra

Animal: Whales

Dynamic: Yin, feminine, receptive.

Color: Orange

Emotion: Desire, repulsion, attachment, flow.

Sense: Taste

Taste: Salty

Energetics: Movement towards or away from something or someone. Wave motion. Based on attraction or repulsion. Creates an effect of action or inaction.

Lessons: We must learn to flow with the natural rythms of the Universe. We learn to adapt and adjust and transform as we follow the natural flow along the path of least resistance.

Positive water energy: Loving sexuality that allows for true expression of deep emotions and feelings. The ability to nurture oneself and others through touch, warmth, grace, understanding, and love.

Imbalanced water energy and challenges: Lust and other out of balance emotions that ignore the needs of others; ignores social boundaries; is never satiated. Lack of emotion that is caused by either repression, suppresion, or denial of basic goodness.

Healing of water energy: Contact with the oceans, waterfalls, streams, rivers, and moon energy. Baths, showers, enemas, cleansing, liquid fasts, emotional healing.

Location in body: Reproductive organs, urinary tract organs and glands, bodily fluids. An excess of the water element can cause water retention, perspiration, urinary tract challenges. A shortage of the water element can cause dryness, thinness, dark scanty urine, a lack of perspiration, and a sense of lack.

Water essential oil recipe:
Geranium (6 drops)
Sandalwood (4 drops)
German Chamomile (2 drops)
Roman Chamomile (2 drops)
Ylang Ylang (2 drops)

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