The Earth Element

The Earth Element

Chakra: Four petaled Muladhara root chakra.

Animal: Elephant

Dynamic: Yang, active, masculine, richness.

Color: Red

Emotion: Fear, anxiety, panic, worry, terror, instability.

Sense: Smell

Taste: Sweet

Energetics: Grounding, heavy, supportive, stable, disciplined, crystalizing, downward.

Lessons: Gounding, manifesting, limiting.

Positive earth energy: Health, abundance, prosperity, strength, security,

Imbalanced earth energy and challenges: Fear, clinging, possesive, insecure, survival without rigidity.

Location in body: Sacrum, bones, coccyx, adrenals, sciatic nerve, legs, perineum, large intestines. An imbalance in Earth energy can lead to weak bones, adrenal problems, shaking and a loss of balance. An excess can lead to kidney or gall stones, constipation, arterial hardening, bone &/or spine problems, sciatica, tension in musculature.

Healing of earth energy: Contact with the earth; grounding exercises, mountains, minerals, nurtrients, forward folds and Hatha Yoga, Exhaling. Eating cooked root vegetables and other mineral rich naturally sweet earth foods.

Earth oil recipe:
Cedar (4 drops)
Vanilla (4 drops)
Juniper (4 drops)
Frankincene (2 drops)
Jasmine (2 drops)
Orange (2 drops)
Vetiver (1 drop)

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