The Fire Element

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Chakra: Ten petal Manipurna (lustrous gem) chakra

Animal: Dragon

Dynamic: Yang, active, masculine.

Color: Yellow

Emotion: Anger, passion.

Sense: Sight.

Taste: Pungent.

Energetics: Overcomes inertia; moves upward. Transforms and transmutes raw material into energy, light, power, and warmth.

Lessons: Wemust align ourselves with the Divine. "Personal will must not be inconsiderate, manipulative, abusive, or selfish." (Dr. Farida Sharan). Transformation and change are a natural part of evolution.

Positive earth energy: Fire is used for transformation, healthy digestion, excellent sight, willpower, accomplishing goals and directing vision.

Imbalanced fire energy and challenges: Anger, jealousy, power strugles, manipulation, domination. Too much is destructive. Too little creates apathy.

Healing of fire energy: Saunas, sun bathing, sweat lodges, nutrition, exercise, moxibustion, heat treatments, fasting, and massage. Positive fire energy allows for joy, laughter, and creative transformation.

Location in body: Digestive organs.
Imbalances can be factors in digestive difficulties, heart attacks, diabetes, heat and energy imbalances. Excess can cause liver and gallbladder, pancreas, spleen, and stomach problems. Shortage creates an inability to digest food, a dampness, cold, general apathy and lack of energy. Absence of passion. And an inability to transforma and change.

Fire essential oil recipe:
Orange (6 drops)
Rosemary (3 drops)
Black pepper (2 drops)
Marjoram (1 drop)
Basil (1 drop)
Lime (1 drop)
Cinnamon (1 drop)

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