Flower Essences Can Assist Yoga Practice

Flower Essences Can Assist Yoga Practice

Flower Essences are gaining recognition for there effective support in moving through emotional changes and growth. Many have found yoga also very effective in personal development - here's an article on the combination of the two...

From the online Journal of Vibrational and Flower Essences:

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"One of the beautiful things about flower remedies is that they not only address difficulties with particular issues, but they can actually enhance and support positive growth. Our greatest weaknesses are our greatest strengths in reverse, and the remedies help us turn them around. For instance, I highly recommend the use of flower remedies for enhancement of yoga practice. People come to yoga for different reasons, and there are also different styles of yoga. There are essences for all the various possibilities. Teaching yoga full time for eight years now, using remedies myself, has taught me first hand how to apply remedies for different needs. Both yoga and flower essences work profoundly with the body/mind connection."

At the moment, Synergy Essentials no longer offers flower essences, however their contribution to wellbeing is important to those who choose to work on subtle emotional and energetic levels of their health. Do take the time to learn about flower essences and how they can assist you in ways you may have not considered....yet. 

Aromatherapy, Essential Oils and Flower Essences from Ananda...

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