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  • Country of Origin: Greece
  • Plant Part: Leaves
  • Latin name: Salvia officinalis
  • Cultivation: Wild grown
  • Distillation: Steam

About the Oil:  Sage was known as the 'sacred herb' by the ancient Romans; 'Salvia' being derived from the word 'salvation'. Sage herb is commonly used to 'smudge' rooms, buildings, and other areas to move out old, negative, or stagnant energy. Aromatically, the essential oil can be mentally stimulating, helping one cope with despair and mental fatigue. The oil may support the balancing of hormones for women, bringing positive energy to the pelvic chakra where negative emotions from denial and abuse can be stored. It may assist in detoxifying the body, regulating circulation, and supporting metabolism.

Aroma: The oil is a pale yellow, with a warm, spicy, herbaceous, and mildly-camphorous aroma.

Suggestions: It is thought by some aromatherapists to be highly regenerative for the skin and scalp. Though this does come with a caveat—with high levels of 'thujone', its safety is questioned by some therapists. Some say don't use it ever, some say it's the safest oil with this ketone, and in therapeutic dilutions, it should be acceptable for most folks (Noted as not to be used if pregnant, with children under 12, or by those with epilepsy). Sage oil is included in Dr. Kurt Schnaubelt's recipes (in Advanced Aromatherapy) for cellulite, healing stretch marks, healing old and keloid scars, and is included in some hair growth stimulating formulas.