Cinnamon Bark CO2 (Burmannii)


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  • Distillation Method: COsupercritical extraction 
  • Country of Origin: Indonesia
  • Plant Part: Bark
  • Latin name: Cinnamomum burmannii
  • Cultivation: Certified organic
  • Note: Middle 

About the Oil: Cinnamon oil has an extremely high antioxidant capacity, second only to Clove oil. The CO2 distilled oil has more complex chemistry than the steam distilled, and should be an even more broad-spectrum antioxidant. Included in any blend, it will serve as an excellent preservative. 

Cinnamon extracts have antibacterial and antifungal properties. In folk medicine, burmannii cinnamon is used to treat nausea, flatulence, cough, chest problems, diarrhea, and flu [1]. The cinnamon CO2 extract can be used as a flavoring extract in chewing gum, confectionery, beverages, and other foods, and frequently as a spice in baked goods.

Cinnamon bark essential oil is a warming remedy to the mind as well as the body, supporting the immune system, stimulating digestion and circulation, while restoring a feeling of well-being and a vigor for life. 

Aroma: Wonderfully rich and consistent with freshly ground cinnamon.  Additionally, the aroma is thought to attract abundance and is often used with patchouli oil for this esoteric application. 

Chemistry: Our supplier indicates 65 - 85 % cinnamaldehyde and < 7 % coumarin.

About CO2 Extracts:  CO2 extracts generally include some larger molecules compared to their steam-distilled counterparts. Some may not be suitable for use in a nebulizing diffuser unless blended with a thinner oil, though most will be just fine in an ‘ultrasonic’ unit. 


The 'CO2' supercritical distillation means the resin was never boiled at high temperatures to extract the oil – it was immersed in liquid carbon dioxide which then simply evaporates when the process is complete. The CO2 process results in a more chemically-complex oil.  

Note: All Eco Certified products on this site were bottled at The Ananda Apothecary facility under the Eco-Cert requirements prior to the store closure in 2020. The products are intact as such. Synergy Essentials does not claim to be an Eco-Certified operation.


[1] Bandar E. Al-Dhubiab, Pharmaceutical applications and phytochemical profile of Cinamomum burmannii, Pharmacogn Rev 2012 Jul-Dec; 6(12): 125-131.