Frankincense CO2 (Carterii)


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  • Distillation Method: COsupercritical extraction 
  • Country of Origin: Somalia
  • Plant Part: Resin
  • Latin name: Boswellia carterii
  • Cultivation: Wildcrafted/organically grown
  • Note: Middle - Resinous base 

About the Extract: Pure Boswellia carterii from Somalia, the most widely researched for its medicinal actions of the frankincense varieties, has an uplifting woody and citrusy aroma sought out in perfumery for its gorgeously deep and resinous notes. An excellent meditation aide, it tends to quiet the mind.

The resin of Boswellia carterii, along with its relative Boswellia serrata, contains high levels of the soothing compounds beta elemene. These compounds have been found to enhance overall comfort and ease in our bodies and joints, as well as the health and beauty of our skin.

Research supports the therapeutic use of every one of the frankincense varieties. It's really a matter of personal preference to find the aroma you most enjoy.  All frankincense essential oils are derived from the resin lovingly referred to as "liquid pearls from the tree of life.” These oleo gum resins function as the protective and defensive support for the tree, and in its essential oil form, it passes onto us these same precious properties. The ancient cultures of Egypt, Persia, Israel, Rome, and Greece prescribed frankincense oil as a medicine.

Aroma: Uplifting, woody-citrusy, crisp, and refreshing.

Chemistry: Our supplier indicates this COhas a high content of essential oil with active ingredients such as mono- and sesquiterterpenes as well as the diterpene alcohols incensol and serratol, but hardly any boswellic acid.

About CO2 Extracts: COextracts from herbs, spices and natural plants, can be used as bioactive ingredients, fragrances, and flavors in a highly concentrated form to enhance cosmetics, perfumes, and food products.