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Ever Youthful: An Age-defying Botanical formulated for the skin to help defy time and the effects of environmental degeneration. This is a natural formulation designed to gently diminish signs of aging, and keep the skin radiant and hydrated with consistent use. Ever Youthful is delicate, yet potent. You'll enjoy that its rosy aroma lingers as you go about your day. This anti-aging skin botanical is meant for daily skin care use.

About the Formula: The nutrient and therapeutic density of this synergized solution can help stimulate and steady a healthy skin environment and curb free radicals from imposing on a glowing, youthful complexion. Crafted with wisdom, knowing: As one braves the elements of the seasons over the course of life's journey, skin can become more and more susceptible to hyperpigmentation and wrinkles. This formula features some of the most notable skincare ingredients for everlasting youth and glow. All carrier oils have been carefully chosen. 

Wild Grown Helichrysum italicum is a key component to this skin rejuvenating formula. Its inherent regenerating properties are well known. Every ingredient is well documented as a powerful skin regenerator. This formula is crafted to assist the maintenance of the surface of the skin throughout the seasons and reduce the influence of deterioration. It contains highly therapeutic actions designed to deliver a touch of timelessness in a facial serum. Not to be missed!

Aroma: A fresh floral array of aromas with hints of rose that linger alongside a slightly stimulating feel on the surface of the skin.

Ingredients: Essential oils of Bulgarian rose absolute, Corsican Helichrysum italicum, wild lavender, sea buckthorn; carrier oils of hazelnut, rosehip seed, raspberry seed, jojoba, argan, and pomegranate.

Application: May use daily in a skincare routine. Best results come with attention to consistent, topical support to maintain well-hydrated, radiant, smooth, and flawless skin. Apply to the face or on any area of the body exposed to sun damage or signs of degeneration. Use daily and consistently for best results; apply one pump to the skin after bathing or to cleansed skin before bedtime. Can be used year-round. 

NOTE: As with the use of all chemical-free products, the body works in its own natural timing and healing. Give it a bit to notice results.

Other Insights:
Ever Youthful (originally called Eternal Beauty) is the Queen of our women's skincare line. It was developed by Atma, Synergy Essentials owner, to care for her skin during summer months spent cycling in the high and dry mountainous region of Boulder, Colorado. It became a top favorite in the Ananda Legacy line and became a standard and permanent offering due to its popularity.

In-house testing noticed smoother, softer, more hydrated, and supple skin within two weeks. Some experienced a transitional phase before the skin reset into its radiance. Age, climate, condition of the skin, and diet did vary among users. 

CAUTION: Be mindful in the application and avoid direct eye contact.