Deep Forest (Reformulated!)


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Deep Forest is a wonder unto itself. A very special blend of brilliant evergreen tree oils for enlivening any atmosphere. The invigorating, crisp notes of fir needles and spruce captivate the senses like no other. Imagine wandering deep into the woodlands after a rain...this aromatic can take one away.

Due to its popularity, we're happy to offer Deep Forest, an Ananda Legacy* blend.  A combination of evergreen aromas synergizes for a finer aroma than anyone alone. This formulation is slightly modified from its original recipe, and will not disappoint. This formulation brings the spirit of the evergreens into your home or office no matter the season. 

One may forget that evergreen oils contribute therapeutically. Aside from opening up the senses, and general support of the respiratory system this blend is the next best thing to meandering timelessly into a forest. Highly recommended. 

Aroma: An incredible dose of nature and evergreens. Very refreshing.

Use: Diffuse or inhale directly. This blend is especially suited to diffuser use for balance and harmony.

Ingredients: Siberian fir, spruce, balsam fir, pine needle, and juniper berry essential oils.

*Ananda Legacy (AL) blends are original, proprietary Ananda Apothecary formulations which are in limited supply and not guaranteed to be carried permanently. We have been blessed to be able to create a few AL formulations from remnants of stock unable to be liquidated at the time of business closure.