Beard Oil


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Maintain a shiny beard, and ditch the itch beneath the bristle. The best bet is to minimize skin irritation while keeping the bold look. The bonus is an eye-catching shine and softness to the touch! The ultimate classic care to help nourish facial hair and the skin beneath it while supporting a full, shiny beard. This formulation is multi-faceted. It can be used both on the board and on hair for shortcuts, or to help minimize dry hair. This beard oil comes highly recommended.

Use: Apply to the surface of the hair, much like a pomade. Use daily to help soften the facial hair and encourage the skin underneath it to remain smooth and soothed. 

About the Formula: The combined remedies have bacteria-fighting properties which can support the prevention of skin infections, encourage the health of the hair and skin, and reduce redness, swelling, and discomfort.

Aromatherapy:  This is a winner. Grounding and masculine, it offers a subtle, woodsy aroma with deep, earthy undertones. 

Ingredients:  Essential oils of wild Australian sandalwood, spruce, Himalayan cedarwood, sage, and dark patchouli; CO2 Extracts of Frankincense carteri and Frankincense Serrata CO2; carrier oils of sweet almond, argan, and kukui nut.