Be Happy


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Be Happy is a unique formulation designed to uplift the mood and refresh the spirit. All ingredients are science-supported, mood-lifting essential oils. Be Happy is an Ananda Legacy* blend. This formulation is well-balanced in its top, middle, and base notes.

About the Formula: The body of scientific research finding the "anxiolytic" or anti-anxiety activity of many essential oils continues to grow. Bergamot can put one in a better mood and improve the outlook. Sweet orange can lessen anxiety, too. We've blended these with the uplifting notes of juniper berry and the calming aroma of vetiver.

Aroma: Fresh, light, and slightly citrusy, with a balsamic endnote.

Use: Diffuse or inhale directly. This works wonderfully in a pocket diffuser for use on the go.

Ingredients: Bergamot, petitgrain, orange, juniper berry, balsam fir, marjoram, vetiver.

Formula Insights: Be Happy was originally created for inclusion in a wellness kit to uplift the mood. It was also sold separately and became a permanent offering due to its popularity. Do give it a try!

*Ananda Legacy (AL) blends are original, proprietary Ananda Apothecary formulations which are in limited supply and not guaranteed to be carried permanently. We have been blessed to be able to create a few AL formulations from remnants of stock unable to be liquidated at the time of business closure.