Wholesale & Relocation News

Dearest Friends and Family~

We are still receiving warm welcomes from many who are still just learning that The Ananda Apothecary is now Synergy Essentials.

Thank you so much for your support!

Since our resurrection (Dec. 3, 2021), we have had a lot to navigate with respect to getting back in the game.  After our brief hiatus following the Epiphany Sale in January, we were able to sort out many affairs and discovered we had a challenge we did not anticipate. 

As we also disclosed in our last newsletter we were seeing an increase in prices - some rather shocking. The cost for shipping of supplies was definitely a budget buster, and as we looked ahead at numbers, growth momentum, and feedback from all of you, we have made a big decision.

We take all your feedback very dearly. Whether it is good, bad, ugly, or absolutely ecstatic! 

I want to discuss three things that have come to light: 

  • Relocation
  • Wholesale
  • Synergy vs. Ananda


We will be relocating to another location TBD soon.  We will remain in Colorado, but need to find a place that will be conducive on the pocketbook. Boulder, CO has become too costly for us to do business in these inflationary times. As a start up--and commercial rent very steep-- it is the deal breaker. 

This means selling a home and relocating the business. This also means that we will not resurrect to a large operation any time soon (see Staying Small below). We are not able to meet many expectations of what some are waiting to see.

We hope to relocate and be settled by May. We will keep you posted. The house has yet to sell.


Feedback following our wholesale invitation may have been the impetus for this relocation. Many may not have received the news of our start up situation. We started at ground zero: no funding, no bank account, no loans - nada. 

We reached out to our wholesale purchasers in hopes to generate a momentum for growth and to resupply an inventory you would be content with. It didn't happen. Here's why:

Our order minimums increased. This was a shock to many. Our offerings were limited. Many unhappy not to find carrier oils and other things. If you missed the initial disclosure, we started out with what was remaining after the liquidation. 
We did not have a grand inventory to supply wholesale on demand. Nor did we have a price list because we had not purchased yet. We hoped if we knew the collective demand for a product, we could order accordingly, save on shipping and negotiate a better price. The wholesale invitation was best suited to B2B (business to business) clients, but it really did not serve you: our family; our customers; our smaller business colleagues.

We understand this completely. So we're looking into a new initiative.

Currently if you want to order wholesale, we are doing so on a case by case basis.
Do not be shy, we will do what we can. Inquire at: wholesale@synergyessentials.com 


Big thanks goes out to the customer who was so incredibly upset about wholesale and the the lack of a price sheet.  It was the catalyst for much introspection. 

Whether you are new or a long time Ananda/Synergy family member, understand that the entire impetus for The Ananda Apothecary was the fact that its founder could not find any affordable essential oils at a time he was in desperate need for his own critical health. 

Synergy Essentials is an Ananda Legacy project. The only reason we exist is because we are committed to this original mission. It is driven by the heart. Therefore the new wholesale initiative is one in which we feel needs to serve everyone equally.

A Co-O

We will be establishing a co-operative model in which we will allow all Synergy Essentials members to order wholesale and get the great savings they need and deserve. No one should have to struggle to get their medicines, or natural products to maintain their health, skin, mood, emotions, or have aromatherapy at home. Everyone should have the opportunity to access what they need, and have a supply at affordable prices. 

Given current circumstances (globally, domestically, as a business, and most importantly, as a fellow human being), in order to thrive, we need to help others thrive too. If we are in service, we are compelled to adapt our service to the needs of those who support us. This is the greatest benefit for all. 

We do not know when the Co-Op will launch. We hope the 2022 Harvests of oils will be the initial order. 

We intend to supply a limited inventory of individual EOs, the therapeutic blends, the annual elixirs and other proprietary formulations including our hemp aka CBD products (of which we hope to have the online shop up within the next month). We did get the official thumbs up!  

The Co-Op endeavor is based on several factors. We have yet to right the business plan. It's still a brain storm.  We trust the Co-Op will be a way to supply everyone with what they want and need. Expect to get orders/supplies in drops-- quarterly-- for example. Again, we do not know the details yet. 

If you have suggestions, or experience working within a Co-Op organization please contact us. info@synergyessentials.com 

Other aspects of the Co-Op include access to the library of information, blogs, recipes, and a host of other new things we have on tap. We'd like to connect customers with aromatherapists too. 

The purpose is to help empower everyone to learn, and grow and connect amongst the co-op to share information and build your own apothecary or medicine cabinet so you are never without, and you have all that you need, perhaps more than you need, but 'just enough' for any need at any time.


Let it be sufficient to say that there is not one without the other.
There is no Synergy without Ananda, and Ananda is because of Synergy. Following a host of emails from those who have compared the two -- making reference to the old (Ananda) vs. the new (Synergy) to their own disappointments have only revealed the deep love, perhaps grief over an essence that is not the same. 

True. It is not. 

Nothing will ever be the same of what was. Not yesterday, not last year, not 10 years ago. We all have suffered the great loss of Ananda founder, Eric Cech. There is not a moment or a day that goes by that he is NOT around. It is because of him, we are here in a different form.

We are starting out much like Ananda did at its inception. Ananda was born in a small bedroom in a home in South Boulder. It was conceived out of the heart and of deep need. Eric had a slight bank account, no health insurance, and no funding--- just a dream to heal.

He took all that he had and bought a small bottle of rose essential oil to start the business. Rose, the one of love, is the heart of Ananda. The first customers were friends in the local community.  It was this initial essence  that made Ananda great; the word of mouth sharing; the quality; the superior aromatic; the affordable price; and the genius and love Eric put into making his vision real.  He worked his heart out until his mission was complete. Many of you knew him from speaking to him numerous times on the phone.

One customer noted her observation about the difference after he left this planet. How the customer service and other things fell through the cracks and the standards dropped below par. 

Indeed, they did. It had nothing to do with the quality of products. We lost our captain. We had a staff that loved him to the core. AND NOT ONE PERSON took a day off of work. They showed up, almost as a tribute, every morning just to keep the company going despite their aching hearts. Naturally minds were not as present. We had a grief counselor available, yet some were so hurt, they didn't choose to take up the support. 

It may be late on our part, but please forgive the performance, the inconsistencies and the disappointments. We made many mistakes in the wake of his departure. Eric was Ananda, we just happened to support him-- and not 10 people could replace him. This has never been revealed to the public as it would seem unprofessional. However, there are some that need to just hear this.

We also long for what was.

There is not a day that goes by that the love of Ananda's customers is not felt, heard, or insignificant. Synergy is the unexpected child that came from Ananda. It is different, but has the same essence. 

We are in different times, and dealing with what we have before us right now. We can only tend to what is in the present... as the present IS the gift.

Together we can dream a beautiful future where we live in harmony, and peace and joyfully cooperate to help one another. THIS is living Ananda in actuality. WE are it!

Perhaps if we take the sum of all the parts between the two (old and new) and empower one another, we can simply be Synergy. Just an idea.

Oh, and on that thought:


As Synergy: We do intend to relocate to a very small self-sustainable community. We also do not choose any longer to grow into a big operation of which supplies 135+ products across the globe daily. It is not sustainable, nor good for the planet. With uncertainty still in the air, we are readapting to a way that is reasonable with the cards we have in hand. 

Thank you so much for your feedback. ALL of your voices .  Every ONE is important. Everyone, is important. 

With love and blessings~

Synergy Essentials


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