Who We Are

~Welcome to the World of Synergy~

We are Alchemists who Dream to Create activated Potions of Wonder & Healing with well-benefitting intentions at our core.

We believe every one of us is essential in this world and when we serve and work together, we are greater than the sum of our souls. That to us is Synergy at work. Yet, nothing could BE without a heart and at it's core is a living legacy. 

Synergy Essentials is the Living Light Legacy of The Ananda Apothecary, the trade and brand name well recognized and loved world wide since 2004. 
This legacy is in perpetual love and honor of Eric R. Cech, of whom through Ananda Apothecary (2004-2020), birthed the vision of healing humanity with the potent assistance of plant therapeutics that would be affordable for all. His own severe accident was the catalyst that inspired his search for true, natural health options he could afford. When he couldn't find quality to fit a meager budget, he pioneered such a path for all.

Inspiring this memorial effort is his surviving wife, Anita (Atma) and her partner, Anthony. When creating the concept of Synergy, she invoked, "If such a heart-based vision created the original blueprint, may it be through unconditional Love that continues to blossom and carry it through for generations, leaving a Legacy of Light in its Wake." And So It Is: Synergy Essentials.

We Believe in a few Golden Rules 
Take sacred care of yourself; take only what you need; use appropriately and mindfully as needed; and teach others how to do the same. 
In this way we all thrive. We are a tribe.

We Revere Plants and Plant Therapeutics as Sacred. 
Every Use is a Ceremony
We are Shamans, Guardians of Planet Earth, Healers, Intuitive Magi, Moms, Dads, and Brothers & Sisters in this wonderful world in service to Humanity,
and to Our Home here on Earth.

We have Surfed the Great Reset Wave 
We are Resilient, Humbled, and Adept, Students of Life

One can identify with Synergy Essentials through our Lifeworks and Ethos
and through the same components that resonate within Oneself.
We are sharing this same, journey.

We are committed to Upholding Integrity
In how we Work and how
We Apply this Ethos 

To those with whom we work. We will always elect conscious, artisan distillers; seek more biodynamic growers; and hold the vision to offer the most potent and highest vibrational products.

We are Committed to offer Genuine Products, and
Practice Sustainable Sourcing
We stay vigilant to procure the most exceptional
quality, aromatic, and potent harvests. 

Synergy Essentials founders Atma & Anthony Being
[photo: Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur: Ascros, France May 2021]