Q&A Week Dec. 9-14, 2021

These are some of the questions you've asked since we opened doors. Answers below.


1. Q: Janine Braye: Where are the carrier oils ? Missing them.

2. Q: Velva Reed: Will Whalesong be available again? It’s a wonderful useful blend!

3. Q: Jessica Dawn: I absolutely LOVED the Shanti blend....will that be making a comeback?

4. Q: Michelle Stott Reynolds: Loved your BF Bergamot. Any chance that may be available again?

5. Lydia fr the Phillipines sent an email: Will you be shipping to the Phillipines?

6. Q: from several customers via email: Will you be selling your CBD?

7. ISSUES: I didn't get an order confirmation or confirmation email receipt | the packing slip doesn't show the amount I paid | emails bouncing back


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1A. We're not offering carrier oils, and many blends and essential oils at this time. What we have to offer is what we have at the moment. We don't know if we will bring the carrier oils back.

The new company's vision is slightly different, and offerings will be more selective in general over time. Your feedback is essential. This is our initial rollout. It is "Phase I" for us. We indicated in our Newsletter and here on this FB page prior to our opening that this initial release would be very - very- limited. Consider us a start-up. This soft-launch is a critical step in helping us re-acquire solid footing.  

2A. Return of Whalesong|Shanti & other blends - (see answer above).  Re: Shanti - it was discontinued long prior to AA closing. While a wonderful formulation, it was not selling. We discontinued several formulations for this reason. A consolidation process was already in place. 

Here's how we approached this initial offering: we made (blends) from what we had, or could acquire within our budget. The top 5 sellers showed we were on point. What do you want next is the question, and whether we can provide it, is dependent on the support received. We prefer not to over-extend ourselves. Times are still rather uncertain globally.

Synergy Essentials will continue on this path to refine the offerings and carve out a niche in the saturated EO market. We may reformulate a favored blend as a special treat on occasion. Some just aren't that popular even though they are true treasures for a handful. We have some ideas. Let's keep the communication flowing. :)

3. Bergamot BF - If there is a Bergamot to get it would be the BF Bergamot, and bergamot for sure. This is one we would enjoy having. Coming up with a Top 10 or 20 list is very difficult at the moment, as you can imagine. Your input will help us greatly.

4. International shipping - At the moment we are only shipping domestically in the USA and to Canada. We will reassess this in 2022. For this launch and given the holiday season we chose to offset any shipping delays or issues in order to effect a smoother ride for everyone. Overseas shipping beyond the contiguous US border can be extremely high, too. We are very sorry to those international orders we had to cancel.

If you ordered from us and intend to ship the contents outside of the US, we can not provide you with the customs slip to it's final destination. We don't work like an airport, nor can we check your package on through to the final destination. You will need to re-ship the package yourself and get this customs slip for that country from the shipping provider.

Shipping fees on our end are increasing. We are seeing that the shipping charges to acquire some critical supplies is rather extreme. In one instance I saw a charge of over $1000 to ship packing peanuts. Seriously. In many cases the shipping charge is exceeding the cost of the order itself. We are watching supply chain issue closely.

5. CBD - We will be offering the synergistic hemp formulations. They will be on a separate website. We hope to have the site up and running within two weeks. #crossfingers #sendhighvibes

6. Order Confirmation email/receipt/emails bouncing - We had an email system bug that has since been fixed. **read carefully**

a) Order confirmation emails go out automatically when you place an order. Check your SPAM it likely is in there.

b) The amount of purchase and the purchase price for each product ---is in this confirmation email receipt only. Keep this for your records.

c) The 'packing slip' is what is included in your package with your order. The packing slip DOES NOT include your total amount paid, nor the price of the product. The packing slip only indicates the quantity of the product ordered, and the size (mL) of the product The packing slip is not your receipt. It only lists the contents.

>>>end of Q/A<<< Thank you so much for all your questions.

WE WILL BE TAKING POLLS to determine the needs/desires of this community. Please stay connected and vote your voice when we post inquiries. Your feedback is very important.

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