Newsletter Announcement 1: Ananda Returns as Synergy Essentials

Letter from Owner of former Ananda Apothecary and Synergy Essentials

Dearest Ananda Apothecary Family~

It is with great joy to let you know that your beloved Ananda will return in a new form and fashion. From the enthusiastic response just on Facebook, it is a humbling experience to know you are thrilled to learn of a return. Please read this newsletter carefully to understand what's coming, and what to expect.

This debut of Synergy Essentials is the First Phase of the project. So much has happened since early 2020 and since the store's closure. Suffice it to say, 'transformation happened'! The decision to resurrect with a new vision, a new partnership and a new look and feel with new (and old) offerings, is what will roll out in about one week, through Synergy Essentials.

Synergy Essentials is the Legacy of Light venture, as you'll read more below. Synergy Essentials will bring the same integrity, quality and exceptional formulations. Transparency will be a main tenet in this endeavor. You will be informed of everything along the way. Synergy Essentials will bring the same integrity, quality and exceptional formulations, and creations with a new quantum twist.

Synergy will have her own magical offerings and gifts. You'll find selections we call essential oil Elixirs. These divined formulations will help serve the energetic body and the extra sensory aspects of our incredible vessels. Given the current uncertainty in the world currently, and the inability to compete with the larger EO companies, it is clear Synergy Essentials will do best being a small, intimate and niche operation.

Support of this endeavor will determine the rate of speed we grow and acquire new oils. Our first priority will be to acquire the most needed oils or favored formulations. Your input will be critical in our selections.

CONSIDER Synergy Essentials as a 'start up'. This soft opening is possible only by the remaining stock that was unable to liquidate prior to closing. Therefore the oils and blends available at this time are from what was left. There are only two (2) people making it all happen: myself and my partner. We are working as best we can to deliver. Our December opening is perhaps great for Christmas shopping. We hope shipping/delivery times will be efficient.

We have very limited product available, and likely will sell out rather quickly. However, you will likely get all that you need, if not more just in time. We will not run sales ads or spend on marketing to ensure the limited products we do have, go to those (you) who have supported us and are eager to return to see our offerings. Please gift us a bit of compassion as the humble offerings are the best we can do this holiday season-- but it's from the heart! There are only two (2) people making it all happen: myself and my partner.

Thank you so much for your support.

With All my and our Love and Gratitude,
*Anita Lopez, Former Ananda Apothecary Guardian Synergy Essentials Visionary &
Anthony Becker
, Synergy Essentials Co-Visionary

*I changed my name from Anita to Atma, BTW.


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