Thyme (Thymol)


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  • Distillation Method: Steam
  • Country of Origin: France
  • Plant Part: Leaves and flowers
  • Cultivation: Organicly grown
  • Note: Middle

About the Oil: The main component of Thyme oil is Thymol, a powerful antiseptic which considered to be toxic if used by itself, or at very high concentrations. It is common knowledge among aromatherapists that the essential oil of Thyme is one of the most potently antiseptic essential oils known. Thymol has been extensively documented for its antibacterial, antiviral, and anti-fungal action. According to Jean Valnet, M.D., Thyme oil kills the anthrax bacillus, the typhoid bacillus, meningococcus, and the agent responsible for tuberculosis and is active against salmonella and staphylococcus bacteria. In addition, thymol itself has been studied for its effects on gingivitis and plaque-caused organisms in the mouth (it is used in Listerine for its antiseptic actions). We suggest reading all about it from the link below. It's a solid option among aromatherapists for getting rid of" superbugs" resistant to synthetic therapies, and for use in formulations. It's also a wonderful substitute or replacement for tea trees and can be used to alleviate stomach upset.  

Aroma: It is a little bit "hotter" than the c.t. linalool, but not as hot as "red" thyme, the most common variety.