Lymphomania (New)


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Lymphomania is formulated to support overall blood circulation in the body and help move fatty deposits or those lumpy spots we call cellulite, that need ironing out. This blend is designed as a massage oil and can be used daily or as needed. All ingredients in this formulation are traditionally used to increase blood circulation.

Research has recently learned that the Lymphatic System is just as essential as the blood the vascular system. Over the years, the Lymphatic System has been regarded as secondary to the blood circulatory system, but now is being considered ‘the other’ circulatory system. As it appears, it is vitally important to overall body function, health, and well-being! You can read about this scientific landmark discovery here:

The lymphatic system defends infection in the body and keeps body fluids in balance. It is made up of a network of tissues and organs that produce, store and carry white blood cells that fight infections and other diseases. Lymphatic vessels branch out like blood vessels into all the tissues of the body. When the lymphatic system is not working optimally, fluid builds in tissues and causes swelling, also referred to as lymphedema. Other lymphatic disorders include infections, blockage and cancer.


Use: Massage the body and areas of the skin that need a little loving care. Use day and night.

Ingredients: A Blend of Ginger CO2 extract, Juniper Berry, Grapefruit, Texas Cedarwood, Wild Rosemary, and Fennel essential oils based in Sweet Almond and MCT oils.

*Ananda Legacy (AL) blends are original, proprietary Ananda Apothecary formulations which are in limited supply and not guaranteed to be carried permanently. We have been blessed to be able to create a few AL formulations from remnants of stock unable to be liquidated at the time of business closure.