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About the Elixir:
Our Light Shield formulation is the first 2022 addition to our Alchemy collection. Light Shield comes inspired by the Protection legacy blend. Light Shield can double as a perfume, as it is rather complex. It is lovingly hand-crafted, and alchemized to protect one's auric field, and help one ground and center while keeping the heart open and allowing one to maintain the sovereign field. This high vibrational formulation is mindfully encoded to ward away any unwanted energies, lower resonating frequencies, or any unwanted aspects being felt or perceived that are not yours to hold or keep.

Use: Great to use before or after going out in public or social mingling. It is intended to be pat upon the body or atop your clothing much like a smudging of sorts. It can also be used to help reset or clear and harmonize your energetic physical and energetic space.

Aroma: Light Shield has a bit of everything in it: it's floral, citrusy, woodsy and distinct with ylang-ylang at the forefront. 
*For those not a fan of ylang-ylang, this formula is not recommended as it may have a counter effect on the senses. The distinct ylang-ylang essence leads the way for the uplifting of the emotional body vibrationally and offers relief of perceived tension or anxiety to help the rebalance. 
Ingredients: Essential oils of ylang-ylang extra, bergamot, spruce, wild lavender, hyssop, melissa, rose absolute, myrrh, Australian sandalwood, Royal Hawaiian sandalwood, and cured within a Selenite crystal gestation period.

Note: Should you use it as a perfume, very little is needed. 
Should you diffuse this formula to clear the energy in your home a nebulizing diffuser is suggested for 3-5 minutes. It's rather potent.  While non-toxic, this should not be used on children for protection, as it presents in a mighty way, and can be a bit heady even for some adults.