Coriander Seed


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  • Distillation Method: Steam
  • Country of Origin: Russia
  • Plant Part: Seeds
  • Latin name: Coriandrum sativum
  • Cultivation: Naturally grown
  • Note: Middle to top

About the Oil: Pure coriander seed essential oil, steam distilled from the seeds of coriander grown in Russia. Studies have shown that coriander oil has an effective antimicrobial activity against all bacteria tested. Much like caraway seed, coriander oil is warm and dry in nature, sharing many of the same digestive and carminative properties as other essential oils distilled from umbelliferae plants. 

The Ancient Egyptians believed it to be the secret to happiness, combining it with fresh garlic in wine to be consumed as an aphrodisiac. Coriander seeds were found in the tomb of Ramses II. 

Aroma: A fresh, sweet, spicy, peppery, and woody fragrance that retains the complexity of the spice, compared to the lovely CO2 distillation, which has more pronounced middle notes. 

Chemistry: The primary component in coriander seed essential oil is linalool. Other chemical constituents found in the oil include γ-terpinene, α-pinene, p-cymene, dodecanal, neryl acetate, and 2E-dodecanal.

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