Cinnamon Bark, Madagascar - Naturally Grown


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    • Distillation Method: Steam
    • Country of Origin: Madagascar
    • Plant Part: Inner bark
    • Latin name: Cinnamomum zeylanicum
    • Cultivation: Naturally grown
    • Note: Middle

    About the Oil: This is an absolutely fabulous distillation of pure cinnamon essential oil from Madagascar. Cinnamon oil can offer an immuno-boost in fighting microbes and is kept in a medicine cabinet for good reason. Research on the benefits of this oil is mind-blowing. We've linked a few studies below. Cinnamon is known to be a strong antiviral and antibacterial and has been studied for the treatment of chronic diseases. The cinnamon essential oil has traditionally been used for the relief of infections of the bladder and the digestive tract, as well as enzymatic deficiency in the gut. Because of its intensity, only minute quantities are needed. Please use or diffuse with care. Not to be applied directly to the skin. 

    Aroma:  Potent, spicy-sweet, and warm.

    Chemistry: Cinnamon contains derivatives such as cinnamaldehyde, cinnamic acid, cinnamate, and numerous other components such as polyphenols. Major compounds consist of 23% hydrocarbons and 74% oxygenated compounds. (E)-Cinnamyl acetate (41.98%), trans-alpha-bergamotene (7.97%), and caryophyllene oxide (7.2%).  

    *Note: Cinnamon is a very "hot" essential oil, and can easily burn the skin if applied topically. If used in this manner, it MUST be sufficiently diluted, commonly recommended to be less than 1% concentration in a carrier.