Awakened Wisdom *New* (Post-Menopause)


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Awakened wisdom  | Essential Oils for Menopause Relief
Menopause Pure Essential Oil Blend

About the Oil: Synergy Essentials is delighted to offer a new featured product* we call Awakened Wisdom. It is an uplifting and soothing blend designed to maintain the joy of life and the function of an empowered, strong body following 'the change' in the life of a woman. 

Awakened Wisdom is inspired by a 2020 Study: The Effects of Essential Oil on Salivary Oxytocin Concentration in Post-Menopausal WomenIngredients in this formulation include many of the oils used in clinical research. The conclusion of the study showed aromatherapy usage of these oils to inhibit the aging-induced reduction in muscle mass and function in women

Aroma: A gentle floral aromatic that evokes a calm assurance with hints of citrus and lingering floral notes.

Ingredients: Roman chamomile, sweet orange, spike lavender, ylang-ylang, and rose otto.

> The 15 ML Roller is blended with Sweet Almond Oil

Suggestions: Diffuse for 20-minute exposure (as in the study). You may choose to dilute this blend with a carrier oil and rub it on the inside of your wrists or rub it onto the belly as an alternative. Please let us know how it works for you.

> For the Roller: Apply a small amount on the wrists or hands and inhale when desired

*Other Insights: This blend is being offered as a new and featured product. Your feedback is highly regarded. Please let us know your experience. We can not guarantee it will be a permanent product; feedback and response will determine future availability. 

Store Credit Opportunity: We would love your feedback and review of this product after your consistent use to help us determine the value of continuing to provide this blend. If interested in providing your story/feedback and experience with this product, please email us at: for details and eligibility requirements. 

Awakened wisdom  | Essential Oils for Menopause Relief
Menopause Pure Essential Oil Blend