Handy Remedy (First Aid)


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An effective first aid treatment for immediate wound care; a keeper you'll want to refer to in a pinch. This therapeutic is for those nicks and knocks that happen on the go or on the job. Glide it onto the affected area to relieve the hurt. This is a topical tonic to help counter infection in minor cuts or scrapes, and assist in areas that may swell; it can also help calm minor burns. This is the quick fix in a pinch.

Use: Ideal to apply as a first response to a minor injury or before wrapping a wound with an adhesive bandage. 

About the Formula: Comprised of a combination of ingredients to sanitize and protect from infection, relieve painful symptoms, curb swelling, and reduce bruise potential. All ingredients have been shown to elicit cleansing or sterilizing actions, help quicken healing of wounds, and quell sensitivity. 

Aromatherapy: Uplifting to the mood with a sense of being in nature. An earthy scent with hints of evergreen and smoky wood.

Ingredients: Essential oils of pine needle, Siberian fir, helichrysum, and Roman chamomile in a carrier oil base of fractionated MCT oil.

NOTE: If the wound is minor and not a large open area, a little can be rubbed into the affected skin area, as it is easily absorbable. An example would be the area of the injury that would be prone to a bruise, a scratch, or a very slight scrape of the epidermis.