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Note: This is a very rare blend, the first and last of its kind. We will not be able to reformulate it due to the content of Nardostachys jatamansi of which we no longer purchase.

About the Elixir: Maitreya is the quintessence of unconditional love and loving-kindness through forgiveness. Maitreya is a benevolent heart-craft of proprietary alchemy to help open the heart, evoke deep emotions, compassion, and openness. Leading the path of the rose is our favorite Rosa damascena, who is known and highly regarded as a heart-blossoming aroma. Rose being the Mother force in this elixir, truly presents in her mysterious way: deeply complex and direct, yet with a gentle warm embrace. 

Of particular note, Maitreya contains Green Spikenard ( Nardostachys jatamansi), of which is very rare for us to offer. We found a micro amount of it among a stored treasure box of which was kept, apparently for posterity, after we stopped buying and selling all spikenard varieties due to the plant's endangered status. It had aged very well. What we had, we have given to this synergistic formulation.

Green spikenard comes from the same family as valerian. It is widely used as a fixative and for anointing in rituals. It has been used to help foster deep, inner connection and peace;  and assist in emotional and spiritual balance.  It is said to calm restlessness and inspire devotion and generosity.  Despite the tiny quantity of this oil within the formulation, any keen nose will detect its essence readily.  Green spikenard has been known to help one find emotional and spiritual balance. We are incredibly fortunate to have this sacred plant offer its energy to this one-of-a-kind elixir. Maitreya is most definitely one to try and keep for as long as you wish, as it will keep very nicely when stored properly. Highly recommended! This is an excellent opportunity to add it to your collection. 

Use:  Maitreya is designed for mindful esoteric application yet easily works as a natural perfume.  Inhale directly, or dab on energy center points. Some 'test' users reported dabbing it along the energy centers with positive results. 

If used in the ritual sequence as part of the Alchemy set along with Wise Men and Alpine Ascension, Maitreya is the ascension activation in the aromatherapy. 

Aroma: A sweet, deeply woody, musky aroma.

Ingredients: Essential oils of rose otto, rose absolute, valerian root, green spikenard, cacao absolute, frankincense sacra. Cured in a gestation period with Selenite crystal and lovingly infused with Synergy Essentials proprietary alchemy process.

Note:  In our initial personal experience with this elixir, we found it offered deep emotional wound clearing, tended to aspects from or of the womb, and served to clear a path of sanctification, loving-kindness, forgiveness, and deep-felt gratitude. 
If you happened to spend $144+ in December with us. You received a surprise gift parfum sample we named: 'Ever Grateful', this was Maitreya albeit not fully cured. It was our gift to you in gratitude for the support of a numeric price point.  

Testimonial: Felt the electric energy of the oil (as I unwrapped it) amplify and fill the field. I went to your site in hopes of finding it. Interestingly, I anointed myself with spikenard and rose otto adding to the throat chakra earlier in the day. ~R. Oberacker

Consider Purchasing the Set: Wise Men, Maitreya, and Alpine Ascension

NOTE: We no longer procure any of the spikenard oils due to their endangered status and the likelihood of extinction. The green spikenard in this formula was procured long before the endangered status.