Helicrysum Essential Oil - Complete Guide

Helicrysum Essential Oil - Complete Guide

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The aromatic helichrysum has been revered by cultures old and new for its notorious therapeutic abilities and vast array of uses in both the cultural and medicinal realms. Helichrysum essential oil is a necessity in the medicine cabinet as its myriad of therapeutic uses includes soothing burns, chapped skin, swelling, muscle aches, sprains, strains, bruises; aiding in scar tissue formation; and regenerating skin and nerves. Helichrysum essential oil, or more often, Immortelle absolute, has also been prized in the perfume industry for ages, with a fragrance described at once as being warm, herbal, woody, sweet, earthy, green, floral, honey or caramel-like, rich, and buttery. 

There are hundreds of different species of helichrysum to complement its myriad of uses, and because of the relative ease in growing helichrysum, the plant has expanded considerably across the globe. Luckily, while helichrysum may have a rather high price tag due to its precious nature, the oil is highly potent. As is common with an expensive, high-demand oil, it is not uncommon to find helichrysum essential oil adulterated.

The notoriety of helichrysum is well-deserved, and its reputation as an almost magical, healing oil have earned it a rightful spot as a go-to oil for many centuries. Modern science is just now beginning to unravel the secrets of helichrysum’s extensive therapeutic uses that traditional medicine has known for decades. Its everlasting nature only adds to the mysticism of this wondrous plant.


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