Wholesale Details

Our 2022 Approach to Wholesale is Different &
May Remain this way for an Undetermined Time~

We will be operating on an 'as need' basis and on a 'take only what you need' practice. Due to uncertainty that still looms with respect to international importation/shipping, and global financial hardships (inflation), we choose to order within our means as a preventative measure to safeguard the business and our livelihood. This affords us the ability to adjust in any moment. Thank you for understanding.

This new approach to Wholesale ordering has a group order mindset. Read through the details explained below (from top to bottom) to see how it works, before making any judgement.  This wholesale order is the first we will make as a company and we will include your wishlist within it due to many global factors.

Wholesale Details: How it works
please read carefully, to avoid misunderstanding

Submit wholesale requests no later than Monday, February 14, 2022

Please include along with your wholesale order requests:

  1. A copy of your license, your EIN number or a copy of your certification when you submit your request.
  2. Indicate the name of all product(s), and the quantities you need or will use in the next 3-6 months. You will need to anticipate your needs to the best of your ability. 
  3. Minimum B2B order requirement is $1500 and/or 260ml of a single product depending on the product. Submit your entire wish list as we will be submitting a grand total, and you never know who else wants just a 'bit' of that one product and the total quantity makes it possible.
  4. If you are a very small independent service provider and cannot meet the minimum requirement, submit your wishlist anyway. Someone may be ordering something you also want. We will contact you after Feb. 14 to let you know if any of your requests will be ordered and we can factor you in.

After we receive your requests, we will be able to provide prices within a week or so, after we see for ourselves the quantities we are ordering, and of which determines our price. At that time you can determine your budget and submit a revised request if necessary. Everyone's input will be taken into account. 

Note: We can not (at this time) tell you what your cost will be until we know total amounts of raw products needed. This is our first bulk order as a company for 2022. We do not have a price list available that normally would be provided or that is based on our current inventory.

A single order helps save shipping expenses, which are  increasing for freight and other raw goods and supplies. This also will be our first international order, so we intend to avert delays for on-demand or custom orders, and only deal with Customs issues as minimally as possible.