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Three synergistic formulations complete this alchemized trilogy: Wise Men, Maitreya, and Alpine Ascension. Each is intended for esoteric application and all work independently to help one stretch beyond the physical and into the inner core of the being to help open and access the soulful or etheric layers of expression and experience.

About the Elixir Set: Each formulation is lovingly encoded as a separate work in sacred practice. The elixir set is intended to work progressively and for integration, however, one can simply use and enjoy as exquisite aromatics. All are unique and work with each unique being, much like the actions of adaptogens.

Each elixir is an individual aromatherapy regimen designed to be used in a specific order. Once that phase of aromatherapy is complete, you move to the next level on your journey.

  1. Wise Men (10ml) is the initiation of aromatherapy. It sets you in (rooted) at the seat of your being and creates the safe haven of the space within, and also to the life, here on Earth.
  2. Maitreya (5ml) is the ascension phase in aromatherapy. Energy now flowing freely from the seat of your life force is ready to move to the heart center. This is an elevation to your Soul; Your compass; Your truth; Your Light. Without an open heart, elevating to higher states of awareness may not be so graceful, or attainable. 
  3. Alpine Ascension (10ml) is the apex of the aromatherapy. This is what you ideally are desiring to actualize. A merging of the heart and higher-heart with the brain-- to the Avatar or Higher Self state of being. In essence, when the heart is connected to the mind, the mind can see through the heart. Or perhaps let’s say, with the eyes of the heart (the 3rd eye opened), how you see and experience the world is changed or can shift, or evolve. 

All elixirs are cured in a gestation period with Selenite crystal and lovingly infused with Synergy Essentials proprietary alchemy process.